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We   believe   if   you   create   a   great   product, 
 there   will   be   a   great   demand!

Australian Snacks and Sweets Import and Export

Our Australian snacks and sweets distribution network is predominantly focused in the main stream market and route trade market throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our company is also associated with an aggressive merchandising team and each products line is being monitored constantly at store level. We deal in all kinds of confectioneries, snack food and other grocery items.Our proven experience made us specialists in the line of confectionery and snack food products.

Our terms of agreements with imported products from the suppliers are based on sole agency. We go by certain cardinal principles as far as our import policy is concerned. We also provide our suppliers with new ideas and concepts for developing new and innovative products under SRS brands (Sweetmans and Snack World,) for quality assurance. Most of our suppliers are very compatible with vision of opportunities together with consolidation and strategy behind.

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