Life's sweet with Sweetmans!

Sweetmans   means   “life’s   sweet   with   Sweetmans! 
 Indulge   our   range   of   mouthwatering   lollies providing  fun 
 filled   flavours   guaranteed   to   tantalise   your   tastebuds 

Welcome to Sweetmans (the sweet world of confectionery)

Why do kids love Sweetmans lollies? Well, that’s easy! Quality textures, sour zings, fantastic flavours and our unique packaging with vivid branding and value added are just some of the reasons. There’s a guaranteed taste of flavour and sour explosion every time Sweetmans Brisbane lollies hits the mouth!

What’s more, we use only high quality refined ingredients and make healthy sweets with our extensive range of gluten free, natural colours and no artificial flavours.
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